welders qualification tests

IEC welders qualification tests

Welding is a manufacturing process that joins two or more materials. Just joining the two members is not enough to with stands the loads for longer duration. Hence it is necessary to prove that a welding procedure meets the quality standards and also to ensure the welder is capable of producing defect fee welds.

A welding procedure is a systematic method that is used to repeatedly produce sound welds. Various fabrication codes are currently being followed to prepare welding procedure specifications (WPS) to qualify the fabrications welding procedures.

I.E.C  NDT is well equipped with experienced and certified welding inspectors, welding engineers and welding experts to perform various welding related inspections activities. The team consists of AWS-CWI, CSWIP, Internationally certified welding inspectors with more than two decades of field experience in welding with leading fabrication companies and third party inspection companies in India and abroad.