Training Services

I.E.C INTERNATIONAL GROUP is committed to providing our  Technicians and our Clients with the most up to Date Training in  NDE Techniques and Procedures. We offer training in the variousCodes such as API , AWS , NACE AND ASNT.

NDT methods and certifying

Visual inspection

Pre-qualification of welders

Welding engineering technology

HSE courses


Personnel responsible for NDE inspection are trained and highly qualified with a

 Technical  Understanding of the test equipment and materials, the item under test

and the test procedure .

I.E.C inspection personnel have extensive knowledge of dimensional inspection,

Nondestructive and destructive examination methods, welding processes, welding

Procedure and welder and welding operator performance qualification requirements,

 the examination and test requirements of codes, standards, and specifications , and the acceptance standards to be employed. All inspectors are qualified and certified in accordance with ANSI/AWS D1.1 , ASME (latest editions), and Structural Welding

Code and/or in accordance with American society for Nondestructive Testing

Recommended Practice No. ASNT-TC-IA (latest edition). Inspector certifications

 will be provided to the customer upon his request